Miami has been glorified for its gorgeous weather, women, and Will Smith’s ‘90s anthem…but did you also know the “Magic City” is revered for its wreck diving hotspots?

Indeed, Miami is the southern hub for “wreckcreational” diving (and no, we can’t take credit for that).  The city itself has over 50 diveable wreck sites; boasting one of the highest concentrations of underwater wrecks to date!

Miami’s wreck-diving popularity can be attributed to the area’s deliberate submersion of ships, oil platforms and army tanks that serve as artificial reefs to simulate marine wildlife and coral growth.

In recent years, scuba diving has become a popular hotspot for both Miami residents and tourists, alike. Exploring these glittering, underwater habitats is a “bucket list” experience that every adventurer should aspire to tick off.

Naturally,we advise all travelers to scout out Miami’s 15 most eclectic wreck sites, as highlighted in our latest infographic, below!